An innovative system which could save business money has been trialled in a partnership between king James’s school and cutting edge electronics firm GSPK Design.

The environmental management product Lesstricity, developed by GSPK Design in a consortium and funded by the Technology Strategy Board, was installed at the school three months ago. It allows managers to monitor and reduce power usage across a range of electrical devices using wireless technology. All devices connected to the wireless network are monitored and programmed to turn on and off at specific times when they’re not in use.

Trials at King James’s School have already revealed potential savings on certain machines of up to 30 per cent.
King James School Business Manager , Mark Laycock, said “We’ve been trialling lesstricity in our design and technology department and have been really pleased with the results . if we can help the environment and save money at the same time, whilst encouraging students involvement , it can only be a good thing.”

Based at the Technology Park in Knaresborough, GSPK Design specialises in electronic design and manufacture . Managing director Paul Marsh added: “Environmental management and control will be key issues for the future and something the UK can lead the way with. GSPK Design has been investing heavily in this area and will be working with clients to design and manufacture products suitable to their needs.”

The exact savings from the trial are now being assessed to discover the potential benefit of launching lesstricity to other schools and organisations.

Meanwhile , GSPK Design also celebrated it’s 10th Anniversary recently . Mr Marsh added ” During the last ten years we have worked with clients across many different industries throughout Europe. Projects have often been complex , covering embedded hardware Chris demoing energy monitoring to school
and firmware design through to prototyping consultation and support , and final manufacture. ” it is really encouraging to see our products working in so many different settings. I would like to extend a big thank you to our customers and team and suppliers for their continues support.”

Chris Hooper of GSPK Design demonstrates the Lesstricity project with King James’s students Alex Bradley and Georgia Gerrard