The Internet of Things is the future that is happening today. From connecting vacuum cleaners to your smart phone to sharing information with your dentist about your brushing habits, everything is connected. This booming market is sweeping across the world and has the potential to bring huge benefits to millions. Embedded technologies such as accelerometers or sound and temperature sensors are just some of the innovative ways companies are using to enhance their electronic products and designs.

New products are popping up everywhere and rooting themselves into our homes.

Here are some examples of products that have great benefits for your health and well-being:


1. GlowCaps by Vitality

Glowcap is able to tell you when you should be taking prescribed medication.

This is a huge step forward for the medical world as millions of pounds is wasted on people not taking medication that is prescribed by a doctor for the recommended length of time or people forgetting to take them.


2. Fitness Trackers by Jawbone

These sleek looking wristbands monitor how healthy you are by collecting data from your daily movements, when and what you eat and how you sleep. All the data can be reviewed and goals can be set to help you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


3. Smartmat

Smartmat is your personal Yoga trainer, it precisely teaches you how to perfect yoga positions no matter what your ability level. It’s even able to rate how well you did on a certain activity for you to constantly strive for better results.


4. Hive by British Gas

Hive could potentially save you a lot of money on your heating bill. Hive let’s you control the temperature of your house from your smartphone as well as using geolocation software to turn on the heating for when you are on your way home. This is an excellent feature that could not only save you money but be more environmentally friendly too.


5. iRobot – Roomba

Vacuum cleaning might never be the same again. Roomba is a vacuum cleaner that cleans your floors by itself, it has it’s own docking station that it can find itself for it to recharge when necessary and you don’t even have to be in the house when it does it’s cleaning.
With many more products on the market already it’s clear to see the future having many additional benefits in our households as well as in business.


The internet of things will truly connect us in ways only thought imaginable in science fiction stories. Have you got a great idea you want to discuss with professional and experienced electronic designers, why not get in contact with us?