GSPK Design has successfully assisted in the design, development, and are now manufacturing, a revolutionary new electronic tape measure.

E-Measurement Solutions Ltd, based in Bangor, North Wales, approached GSPK Design to assist them in the further development of their product idea and to help them get their product to market.

Having assessed the original electronic design, GSPK Design has been able to make significant modifications to both the electronic and the printed circuit board designs and, as a result of their skill and expertise within this field, have improved the product’s functionality, reliability, battery life and manufacturability.

This newly developed measuring aid is aptly named “E-tape” due to the unique way in which it allows the user to capture data electronically. The tape measure features a wireless connection which allows the user’s measurements to be electronically transferred to a computer or PDA via Bluetooth.This innovative device provides an end to manual data capture. E-tape is easy to use, fast, efficient and extremely accurate. Companies now have a money saving tool which will give them precise information for quality control purposes as well as providing them with traceability for all measurements taken.

This revolutionary device is currently being used with great effect in the body and garment measuring marketplace and can be used within any industry where there is a need for accurate measurement.
Design for manufacture was a crucial factor throughout this project and the re-design accommodated a particular emphasis on efficient manufacturing.

As a result of electronic design work undertaken by GSPK Design, the product now meets the criteria for EMC and FCC testing and has also qualified for the CE marking.

Roz Davies, Managing Director of E-Measurement Solutions Ltd said – “It has been great working with this highly skilled team that has shown dedication to solving our electronic design issues. It is reassuring for an innovative company like E-Measurement Solutions Ltd that we can still have access to this type of support within the UK. Long may it continue………..!”