How many times should we call someone who has something we want or need? How many times do we ask for something and give up if they say no the first time?

Well that’s not something you can accuse our new apprentice of; when he has the bit between his teeth, he doesn’t let go!

When Tom first approached GSPK Design with his CV and “give-us-a-job” approach, he was almost turned down flat. I was busy, I didn’t need to recruit and I definitely wasn’t looking to take on an apprentice, which is what Tom seemed to want.

However, I decided to sit on the email for a day or so before getting back to him – but, when a second letter came through soon afterwards asking if I’d got the first one, I had a little re-think; here was a young man trying to get a job in a difficult market. Yes I was busy but I thought I would have a word and maybe point him in the right direction; after all, his CV wasn’t the best and his covering letter was a little confusing as it wasn’t clear what he wanted to do.

And, during that phone call, what came across was Tom’s desire and determination to work in the
field of electronic design
– to the extent that he even arranged for his college to come and see me after I confessed to a lack of knowledge on the apprenticeship scheme.

Tom rewrote his CV, attended three interviews, and – after a chat with the apprenticeship assessor – I was convinced he had the right attitude and was serious about what he wanted – so it had to be worth a shot.

Tom at work

Tom hard at work