Paraytec, the scientific instrument company developing and manufacturing miniature UV-visible absorbance detectors, has won a prestigious R&D 100 award.

The R&D 100 Awards, “The Oscars of Invention” provide companies with a mark of excellence which is recognised by industry, government and academia as proof that the product is one of the most innovative ideas of the year. In it’s 45th year, the R&D 100 Awards have been providing companies, like Paraytec, with a platform from which to launch into the international marketplace.

Based in York, North Yorkshire, the dynamic young company is a spin out from the University of York’s Chemistry Department. Their product; ActiPixTM which is a range of capillary-based UV absorbance detectors and spectrophotometers, utilises leading edge patented technology which extends the use of UV-Vis absorbance detection to a range of new biological and pharmaceutical applications.

Wanting to support the essence of UK manufacture by keeping the design and manufacture of the product local and in the UK, Paraytec sought the assistance of GSPK Design Ltd, based at The Knaresborough Tehcnology park. GSPK Design continues to work as a close manufacturing partner and have not only assisted Paraytec with both the product design and development but are now manufacturing their first production units.

Specialising in assisting innovative companies like Paraytec with new product development, rapid prototyping and low volume production, GSPK Design are renowned within the marketplace for their skills within electronic and product design from initial concept through to full product production and assembly.

Professor David Goodall, Director and Chief Scientific Officer of Paraytec said “GSPK Design Ltd have been instrumental in getting the ActiPix ready for market. From day one we have considered GSPK Design to be an extension of our company. Significant input on all aspects of our R & D and transfer to production has enabled us to put together a robust, well engineered and high performance instrument for use in the analytical and life science market.”

Dr Mebs Surve, Business Development Manager of Paraytec added “Having recently won the Pittcon 2007 Silver Award, one of the most important international technology awards in the laboratory instrumentation and scientific equipment sector, we are thrilled at having now been awarded this additional prestigious award – the R&D 100. This further underlines the significance of our technology.”
Established by R&D magazine, this award will open international doors for Paraytec, especially in the United States.