The wireless electricity management system; “LESSTRICITY™”, which is being developed by a consortium of UK specialists, including GSPK Design who has been instrumental in its design, has now reached a point within its development whereby it is being installed across a number of high profile companies for informal trials.

wireless remote power monitoringOne hundred units are currently being fitted to various items of electronic equipment from coffee machines to photocopiers so that information on current consumption and electricity usage can be gathered to help prove the benefits of this latest initiative which is set to help green minded businesses reduce the effects they are having on the environment and save money.

UK businesses that waste vast amounts of energy by not turning off switches will soon be able to cut their outputs thanks to this revolutionary patented device which operates a centralised wireless control and monitoring system capable of eliminating the wasteful use of electrical power from appliances left switched on, idle or in standby mode.

Various Government departments and bodies have already made enquiries into the product and the positive effects this could have on industry as a whole; which in turn has generated a great deal of interest from other prominent businesses conscious of the effects they are having on the carbon footprint.

Another positive development has been the interest shown by Anglia TV who have requested an interview with various partners involved with the project including our very own Paul marsh. We will keep you up-to-date with when this interview is going to be televised.

For further information on this development, please contact Paul Marsh on 01423 798210.