“Recent reports have documented that the country’s top 200 UK companies waste about £61 million per year as a direct result of leaving office equipment on standby overnight. Nearly 20,000GWh electricity is consumed year on year; far exceeding the total electricity generated from renewable sources in the UK.

So, when it comes to the impact businesses are having on the environment – what does the future hold; and, more importantly, what are we doing to change it?

With a keen focus on environmental and social responsibility, The Technology Strategy Board has announced it is to invest in the LESSTRICITY Wireless Electricity Management System R&D project to tackle the ever increasing problem that energy consumption is having on the planet. This development aims to assist businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and the impact they are currently having on the environment.

lesstricity logoSupported under the Technology Strategy Board’s collaborative research and development programme, LESSTRICITY will utilise the expertise from a collaboration of expert partners who will design and develop a new platform technology capable of detecting electrical equipment left switched on unnecessarily or on standby, in order to reduce the wasteful use of electrical power. Such disregard is currently responsible for soaking up around 6% of the total UK domestic electricity consumption. Built around a wireless sensor network (WSN), this unique centralised energy saving/management system is being designed to operate with minimal interruption to occupants in existing as well as new buildings.

Offering simple installation, the LESSTRICITY system will be self-sustaining and flexible to permit the control of both multiple and remote buildings. With low operating costs and advanced metering, the system will operate as an independent system or can easily be integrated into a Building Management System (BMS). With a focus on maximising financial incentives from energy saving, the new technology will initially be targeted at assisting the industrial, commercial and public service sectors.

“Wireless Electricity Management System – LESSTRICITY” is a strategic collaboration between GSPK Design Ltd, TWI, Jennic, WSP Buildings and MEPC. For further information, please visit their website: www.lesstricity.com or Paul Marsh, GSPK Design on 01423 865641 or e-mail: paul.marsh@gspkdesign.ltd.uk