On Saturday, March 11th GSPK Design will join CATCH (Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare) in Sheffield for the Festival of Science & Engineering. The month-long festival takes place all over the city centre and we will be in the Winter Gardens (opposite the Crucible Theatre) as part of the event ‘Technology: Who cares!?’ where there will be future technology on display that may play important roles in the future of society.

We will be showcasing our very own electromyography switch, Emego (go to the Emego website). Jack will be on hand to meet visitors to the exhibition where he will talk about how the technology works and give you a chance to use the Emego assistive switch with a popular video game.

The event runs between 10am and 3pm on March 11th so pop by if you fancy learning about some new technology and having a go on a game!

Other collaborators who will be part of the ‘living room of the future’ will be:

There are other events running through the month in Sheffield as part of the Science and Engineering festival you can find more details about these here: http://www.scienceweeksy.org.uk/events

CATCH poster - Tech: Who cares