GSPK Design Ltd is proud to announce that it is just one step away from obtaining ISO 9001:2000; the internationally recognised accreditation for an organisation’s internal quality management system (QMS).

The driving force behind GSPK Design’s decision to pursue ISO 9001 has always been to obtain a formal accrediation for their QMS. With their QMS already set in place, for them, it is just a case of bringing all the procedures together and formalising it to meet the specific requirements of the standard.

This strategic decision has already led GSPK Design to develop a more structured approach to developing, implementing and improving the effectiveness of their QMS which has resulted in the successful completion of a pre-assessment audit.
Working in conjunction with Alistair Manning of ADM Solutions, GSPK Design’s team application, translation and adaptation of their quality system platform has been critical in successfully implementing all documentation; and, as a result, a final audit is planned for December 2008.

GSPK Design customers are encouraged by this latest development as it will serve to satisfy their own ISO requirements. This accreditation will not only serve to provide a heightened and increased level of assurance; but will also serve to open up new avenues within diverse marketplaces.

Paul Marsh, Managing Director of GSPK Design Ltd said – “ISO 9001 has provided us with the framework we needed to motivate staff to monitor and improve performance across each department; which in turn has helped us to enhance customer service; and ultimately satisfaction, drive costs down, manage risk more effectively and increase market share. This accreditation is now set to open new doors for us and we are very excited about the future”.