GSPK Design, a North Yorkshire electronic design and manufacturing company have now released their working production prototype of an electrical appliance controller.

GSPK Design have developed the hardware that enables a PC, via a USB dongle, to remotely control any number of electrical appliances plugged in to their wireless plug adaptors. Not only to remotely turn on and off but also monitor current usage; i.e. to be able to monitor if appliance is on, off or in standby.

Because the “Control” system is PC driven, GSPK Design believes the system to be extremely flexible, with unlimited end applications, and potentially ideal for home automation, assisted living or lifestyle monitoring or simply energy monitoring.

The hardware is now available and proven, ideally suited to web-software development engineers, who potentially have an end application and access to the market place. Based on the Jennic radio network the system provides a similar alternative to the ZigBee protocol, with the advantage of potentially unlimited nodes, the network has integrated set-up intelligence, facilitating easy installation, as well as tree routing and self healing which means that you will always have conection.

“Every appliance can now be monitored, for power usage and controlled from a central PC, and be potentiallially accessed from anywhere via the web. ”

For further information contact Paul Marsh with subject header “mains control”