Tim knows all about speed, whether designing a set of schematic drawings to meet a client’s tight deadline or racing his high performance mountain bike through dirt roads at the weekend, this product design engineer has the knowledge and drive to get things done quickly and efficiently.

As a company we have been embracing 3D print technology for a number of years and have recently upgraded our machine to efficiently produce prototypes at rapid speeds enabling quicker lead times for our clients. We wanted to share our latest concept work from the initial schematic drawings to the prototype in your hand, Tim was able to complete this project, as he says, “from paper to part, in just two days.”


Schematic Drawing of the Electronic case

Tim’s initial schematic drawings for the electronic casing

Solidworks conceptual image of the case

Using 3D CAD software Solidworks, Tim created a 3D render of what he wanted to print

3D printing the electronics casing

The 3D printer creating Tims design

The finished 3D printed case

3D printing has proved invaluable across a range of projects for GSPK Design

The finished 3D printed electronics case

The finished prototype casing complete in just two working days

Time is of the essence and getting an electronics product to market in the fastest way possible is key to beating the competition and having great returns on investment for your business. With having the prototype in your hands you can take advantage of making key aesthetic decisions allowing you to progress forward on your journey to market.

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Bonus Video! Take a look at a timelapse sequence of the 3D printer in action: