Tom Edwards began his apprenticeship journey with GSPK Design back in 2012. As part of national apprenticeship week (March 9th – 13th) we’re going to take a look at how the apprenticeship has not only benefitted Tom but also the company.


Tom Edwards at GSPK Design LTD

 Tom testing out circuit boards, just one of the many skill he’s learnt.


Tom always had an interest in electronics, coming to the end of studying for his GCSE’s he began to weigh up his options to either continue studying or start working. Ideally he wanted to do both, continue to further educate himself and work in the industry whilst earning some money. An electronics based apprenticeship course caught his eye and ignited his combined passion of gaming and creating things, he was on a road to fulfilling what over two million people in the UK have done so since 2010. (

Approaching GSPK Design was a nerve racking experience for Tom “I was searching for electronics design companies in my local area and was hoping that I’d get the opportunity to do a placement nearby so I could cut down on travel costs but nowhere was advertising.” Managing Director, Paul Marsh recalls his first contact with Tom, “I received an e-mail asking about joining the company to do an apprenticeship, we weren’t recruiting at the time and I was very busy with other things, however a second e-mail came through a few days later and I sensed the determination and persistence of young Tom.” Paul agreed to invite Tom in for a chat, not to give him an apprenticeship but to at least help him out in anyway and point him in the right direction.


Tom Edwards at GSPK Design LTD working on a circuit board

 Tom using Altium PCB design software to create his new PCB design


That was three years ago and now Tom is currently training on Altium software and working with some of GSPK designs top electronic engineers. He is also continuing his studies and is well on his way to getting a university degree in electronic/electrical engineering, “I really feel that I made the right choice in going down the apprenticeship route it’s been so beneficial for me getting to work within the industry and especially with some great people” Tom has seen it all at GSPK design starting in the manufacturing and testing side of the business through to designing circuit boards for a wide variety of clients.


Tom Edwards appprentice electronic engieer at GSPK Design LTD

 “I really feel that I made the right choice in going down the apprenticeship route”


National apprenticeship week highlights the positive effect apprenticeships can have on businesses as well as the individuals, boosting the UK economy and keeping young adults out of unemployment. With 90% of apprentices staying with the company that first took them on, there’s sure to be bright future for Tom at GSPK design.